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Grand Capital ECN offering was implemented using the innovative technology provided by AMTS Company. ECN Prime provides access to the market of high liquidity and immediate order execution. Orders are executed in accordance with the best market quotes and not depending on any external circumstances.

ECN Prime allows adding unlimited liquidity providers, which means that the best possible price is used for order execution.

Electronic Communication Network is an electronic trading system which allows traders to avoid intermediaries and connect directly to the major brokerages when placing a trade. Quotes from the largest market-makers instantly come to the terminal and market changes appear immediately.

Цей рахунок як не можна краще підходить трейдерам, яким цікава торгівля на новинах, скальпінг і використання автоматичних торгових систем. Це можливо завдяки особливостям ECN: вузьким спредам, високої волатильності, відсутності реквот, постійному доступу трейдера до реальних котирувань.

Торгові умови

Переваги торгівлі на рахунку Micro

  • 38
    currency pairs
  • up to
    кредитне плече
  • від

Cryptocurrencies and 38 currency pairs are available for trading

The best provider available is chosen for each trade

Placing orders within the spread

Stable high-quality execution with no requotes

AMTS technology protects traders from many risks

Implementation of high-frequency strategies

Execution in accordance with the current market prices

Depth of Market (DOM) makes trading even more transparent

Котирування ТОП маркет-мейкерів Bank of America, Deutcshe Bank, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale і ін.

Торгові умови

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Банк 3 1.27451 1.27462 1.1 pips
Банк 4 1.27453 1.27460 1.27460 0.7 pips

Depth of Market (DOM) for ECN Prime

Meet Depth of Market (DOM), our new useful tool for MetaTrader 4 trading terminal. DOM for ECN Prime provides full information on liquidity and its features allow for one-click trading: now you can configure a trade's settings, open positions and place orders very quickly. Depth of Market operates on Windows 7 or higher and is only available for the assets that are traded on ECN Prime, except cryptocurrencies.

AMTS Depth of Market features

  • Reflecting current liquidity
  • One-click trading. It optimizes the trader's work in situations when the speed is especially important. For example, scalping or pipsing
  • Sending market orders as limit orders with limited slippage
  • Placing pending orders
  • Setting stop-loss and take-profit values when opening orders on a certain distance in points
  • Calculation of a weighted average price (VWAP) for a specific volume
  • Closing all open orders and deleting all pending orders, including sorting by specific assets
  • Automatically taking DOM liquidity screenshots at the moment when the trade is executed
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